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3-4 Month Hot Tub Chemical Bromine Startup Kit w/ Floater & Filter Cleaner

3-4 Month Hot Tub Chemical Bromine Startup Kit w/ Floater & Filter Cleaner

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* This is a first time Bromine, hot tub start up kit with floater and filter cleaner. 

* The kit contains the following: 1" bromine tabs (1.5lbs), brominating granular (1.75lbs), PH increaser (2lbs), PH minus (3 lbs), oxidizing shock (2lbs), foam down(160z), stain & scale (16oz), 1" tab floater, test strips, and filter cleaner (32oz). 

* This kit contains larger 1.5-3lb sizes with over 15lbs of hot tub chemicals, This kit under normal conditions should last 3-4 months in a residential setting.

* This kit has a variety of hot tub chemical brands that we have sourced to get you the best products for the best value. 

      4 steps to clear and clean water. My four step method will resolve the green tint to the water, cloudy water, and overall give you bright blue water to always enjoy. It is most important to test your water weekly and follow these steps in the EXACT order that are written. 

     1. Sanitation- Bromine tabs added to the floater will maintain sanitation levels in   your hot tub. Think of the bromine tab floater as the cruise control to maintain sanitation levels. We also include brominating granular to spot treat based on new water or excessive bather load. Tabs should be checked weekly, to make sure the feeder is full and adding brominating granular as needed. 

     2. PH balance- Ph is vital to the success of a clean and clear hot tub. Upon adding fresh water, PH will need to be increased or decreased based on the PH of your source water. Upon bather load and use of chemicals the PH will need to be adjusted weekly. Small doses over several days is the best was to change the PH of the water. 

     3. Shock Oxidizer- Shocking your hot tub water is vital to removing dead bacteria that can be found in the water after the bromine has attacked it. Shocking a hot tub (usually in the amount of filling the lid as a cup) needs to be done with the cover wide open, jets on, and at a time when the hot tub is not used for 30 min. Shocking a hot tub causes a chemical reaction that vaporizes the bacteria out of the water. You should shock your hot tub very 2 weeks or once a month depending on water celerity. 

     4. Filtration- Good filtration is key to keeping water clean and clear. All hot tubs have filters, and ALL hot tubs need their filters cleaned. The filters need removed and soaked in a filter cleaner solution. The best method for cleaning filters is to wash them from top to bottom with a high pressure water sprayer, either outside or the kitchen sink. Filters need to be cleaned once a week. 

     Other chemicals like Stain and Scale, and Foam down are what I consider accessory chemicals. These chemicals are not needed for clean and clear water but will keep your hot tub running smooth for years to come. 

     Stain and scale- Adding stain and scale prevents the calcium hardness from building up on the water line and the surface of the tub. Stain and scale also prevents the staining of metals that can be found in the minerals of your source water. Adding stain and scale should be done every two weeks, or once a month. 

     Foam down- In a hot tub, foam can be found mainly in 2 forms. The first type of foam is formed when bacteria is killed, shocked, and floats to the surface of the water forming a grayish foam that can form if the cover isn't open long enough. The second type of foam comes from soaps, lotions, and shampoos. Small trace amounts can be found on bathers or on their swimsuits. This is one main reason why they always recommend showering before entry. Foam down can be used, as needed just a splash with the jets on will remove all foam in the hot tub. 

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