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Aerospace 303 Protectant (Conditioner)

Aerospace 303 Protectant (Conditioner)

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Aerospace 303 Products are best used for the cover, and all exterior hot tub components and panels. 

Protectant (Conditioner):
*Provides UV protection by keeping vinyl, rubber and plastic looking newer and lasting longer. It helps prevent fading and cracking, it repels dust, lint and staining and also restores lost color and luster. 

Use: After using the Multi-Surface Cleaner, spray onto clean and dry surface, out of direct sunlight, and wipe with microfiber towel until surface is completely dry and clean.  IIf streaking occurs, too much product has been used. Continue wiping until excess is removed and surface is completely dry. DO NOT USE on unfinshed leathers, fabrics, flooring, clear plastic, gauge panels or headlights. 

**Please refer to the precautionary statements and hazards on the back of the bottle**

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