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Bromine 1" Tabs | 1.5lb container

Bromine 1" Tabs | 1.5lb container

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Bromine tabs added to the floater will maintain sanitation levels in your hot tub. Think of the bromine tab floater as the cruise control to maintain sanitation levels. Tabs should be checked weekly, to make sure the feeder is full and sanitizing the water. Bromine tabs are a great options if your skin is irritated by chlorine. Bromine tabs provide a softer sanitation without oxidizing and harming the hot tub like chlorine can do. 

*Never mix bromine tabs with any other chemical tab.*

Bromine tabs and bromine 1" floater should be adjusted until the bromine reeding reaches 2-4 ppm (parts per million).

*When adding bromine tabs to the feeder, it is best to use gloves to keep skin safe from the chemical*

**Please refer to the precautionary statements and hazards on the back of the bottle**

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