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Filter Cleaner BIO-DEX 32oz

Filter Cleaner BIO-DEX 32oz

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Filters need to be cleaned at least once a month, depending on use.

Our recommend way to clean your filter: 
1- Removing filter(s) fro the hot tub and placing in a 5 gallon bucket. 
2- Spray the filter cleaner over the entire surface of the filter(s), and then place in a contained bucket. 
3- Let filters set for 5-10 minutes
4- Fill bucket with hot water and soak for desired amount of time (1 hour for light cleaning and up to 24 hours for deep cleaning)
5- Remove filters from bucket adn rinse throroughly with high pressure spray nozzle from top to bottom, and inbetween the filter pleats to be sure there is no hair or other debris.
6- Let filter dry completely before reinstalling in the hot tub

**Please refer to the precautionary statements and hazards on the back of the bottle**

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