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GLB Super Blue Clarifier

GLB Super Blue Clarifier

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The Original crystal clear pool water polisher.

-Produces and maintains crystal clear pool water under all conditions without affecting water balance. 1 oz clear 5000 gallons. 


1. add the required amount of super blue clarifier directly into the water around the edges of the pool and a small amount directly into the skimmer

2. Run the filter for 8 hours and then vacuum the pool. 

3. Use Super Blue clarifier 4 to 12 hours after each shock treatment, super-chlornation, or application of algaecide to remove dead algae and organic debris from the pool water. 

Use Super Blue clarifier weekly or more often depending upon swimmer load. add 1 fl oz of Super Blue clarifier for every 5,000 gallons of swimming pool water weekly. If the pool water is extremally cloudy due to heavy usage, a warm-weather start-up or freshly-added water, you may increase the dose to 1 fl oz for every 2,500 gallons. 

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