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Hot Tub Chemical Cleaning Kit with Vacuum, Cleaner and Conditioner

Hot Tub Chemical Cleaning Kit with Vacuum, Cleaner and Conditioner

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Kit comes with the following items:

*1 MicroVac with filter bag used for removing debris from hot tub
* 1 16 oz Aerospace 303 Protectant Conditioner
* 1 32 oz Aerospace 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner
* 1 Microfiber cloth

Directions for using the MicroVac:
1- Attach filter bag to the MicroVac using the attached velcro and velcro the seam closed
2- Install MicroVac on the end of available garden hose with sufficient pressure. Turn valve on the MicroVac to the OFF postion until the vacauum head is under the water in your spa. 
3- Once the vacuum head is under the water, turn valve to the ON position forcing water up into the filter bag, causing a vacuum which will remove debris 
4- When all debris has been vacuumed into filter bag, turn vacuum head upside down with the opening facing up leaving the bag in the water. Before lifting filter out of water, turn the valve OFF 
5- Remove from spa while keeping the bag down to keep the debris from floating out.
6- Remove filter bag, turn inside out, and use a high pressure hose to clean and remove debris. 
7- Place the filter bag somewhere it can dry completely. All the stubborn debris will be able to be brushed off once the bag is dry.

Aerospace 303 Products are best used for the cover, and all exterior hot tub components and panels. 

Multi-Surface Cleaner:
*Spray on surface until the area is lightly covered and scrub until the area is clean. We recommend using a microfiber cloth, a soft bristle brush may be used to agitat heavily soiled surfaces. For extremely dirty surfaces, increase soak and/or agitation time. 

Protectant (Conditioner):
*Provides UV protection by keeping vinyl, rubber and plastic looking newer and lasting longer. It helps prevent fading and cracking, it repels dust, lint and staining and also restores lost color and luster. 

Use: After using the Multi-Surface Cleaner, spray onto clean and dry surface, out of direct sunlight, and wipe with microfiber towel until surface is completely dry and clean.  IIf streaking occurs, too much product has been used. Continue wiping until excess is removed and surface is completely dry. DO NOT USE on unfinshed leathers, fabrics, flooring, clear plastic, gauge panels or headlights. 

**Please refer to the precautionary statements and hazards on the back of the bottle**

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